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About the Authors

Josephine Woolf   MPhil BA(Hon) DipEd RNT SRN

Jo has worked in NHS hospitals as a sister and as a nurse teacher. She gained an honours degree in psychology at Liverpool University before completing a Masters degree. Her research was concerned with possible effect of age on prospective memory in everyday life. Other research work was the review of community rehabilitation for people who had suffered a 'stroke'. She has had articles published in the nursing press and worked on steering groups organised by the local health authority reviewing services available for the elderly in the community.

Michael Woolf   BA(Hon) DASE CASE CertEd

Jo's brother, former teacher, course tutor and adult education principal. He now owns and runs Gorselands Publishing Ltd and Gorselands Ltd;
a private conference centre that hosts seminars, courses and business planning days.


Care of an older person with memory loss, dementia or in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Being a successful carer can be both rewarding and distressing. I know this from personal experience when caring for my father.

I wrote this book so that I could share my experience and offer guidance to carers in what can be difficult and sometimes lonely times.

In spite of different reasons for memory loss, different degrees of memory impairment and unique personalities, people with failing memory need understanding, compassion and the appropriate regime of care.

The book provides insight into why everyday memory breaks down and how this can effect thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It shows how memory aids can help, what they are and how to use them; discusses the practicalities of caring and how to get help.

An important section is about how to look after yourself, positive thinking, calming the mind and body and taking time out for yourself.

'The layout is very clear and easy to follow'

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